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Firstly, THANK YOU for taking the time to visit this page. It shows me you are serious about the artwork you want to put on your body and I would like to help the best way through that process. I'm honored to be a part of your tattoo journey and trusting me with an authentic unique work of art you'll enjoy forever!

Booking Information:
I announce the dates I open my books in advance. I post this directly via my mailing list (See: Mailing list Signup *link*) and social media. On certain occasions, I run SPECIALS and DEALS I usually will post to my mailing list ONE WEEK before I post to social media. If these fill up, I do not offer them on social media. I only book when my books are open so consider the mailing a VIP list for knowing what's going on!

I recommend adding the date and time announced for the booking opening to your calendar. I advise setting an alarm. There are ALOT of awesome people that want in and once it's full, it's closed. It will be on the 1st of the month in most cases on the LAST month of my current booking cycle. Ex: if Dec-Feb is booked, Books will open Feb 1st for booking March-May, then May 1st for June-Aug. I will post a link to a Tattoo Form that will go live at the specified time. It takes me a few weeks to go through booking even with a booking manager, so please be patient!

Rebooking and Current Projects take first priority, then NEW projects from established clients, then New Clients. If I do not have availability to take on New Projects or New Clients, I will try my best to get you the next booking period. I suggest filling out a form each time my books open even if your project is not chosen. If I feel I am not the correct artist for your project, I'll do my best to let you know and suggest a better artist for the design.

I will be using the number you put on the form or Facebook to contact you. If I do not receive a response within 48 hours I will move forward. If you do not put the correct information on the form I will not be able to contact you. Once you have completed the Tattoo Form you will receive a confirmation page and an email should be sent to the address you provided. My booking manager sorts out the requested dates. SATURDAYS GO FAST. I may not be able to get you in quickly or at all if this is the only day you are available to get tattooed. If you need a specific date PLEASE note it on the form in the last box.

Tattoo Design Ideas:
Moving forward I am being more particular about what projects I take on due to my booking schedule. Please don't be offended if I do not feel like I am the right artist for your project. I will usually suggest another artist who is. Please message our shop *Excelsior Tattoo* for more information about booking with our other artists!

I will respond to messages when I have the ability to do so within the working days at the shop. This may be anywhere from 48 hours to a week, depending on my workload or travel schedule. I am available for healing questions or troubleshooting on my business line by TEXTING:  423-525-9073. This is the quickest way to get ahold of me should you have an issue outside of shop hours. 

I have a 72-hour* (3-day) policy for rescheduling up to 2 times per project. If rescheduling occurs within the 72-hour window will result in the removal of the deposit and a new deposit will be required before the project will continue booking. The new deposit may be higher than the initial deposit. 

*Emergencies/Illnesses are acceptable within the 72-hour period, however, if this becomes habitual, the client will be subject to dismissal as outlined below.

If you choose to reschedule appointments you will be directed to a reschedule form on my website. Reschedules are placed in the back of the booking queue and are usually handled next open booking period. If rescheduling becomes habitual, I will no longer be able to retain you as a client.  


Repeat Rescheduling:

I reserve the right to discontinue services in instances where reschedules have become numerous (2+) within a tattoo project. You may be required to pay for your service/session in advance before booking an appointment.


No Call/No Shows:

I reserve the right to discontinue services. If I choose to finish your project, you will be required to pay for the session that was missed as well as pre-pay for the new session before an appointment will be booked and will remain on a pre-payment status until I designate otherwise.

Once I have received your Tattoo Enquiry Form it will go to my booking manager. If you have a New Project or are a New Client, I will contact you to set up an in person or online (text-based) consultation. These usually last 30-45 min. 

During your consultation, we will take time to talk about the details of your tattoo, sizing, and placement, look at reference photos and focus on what style and design factor we want to accomplish with this tattoo. We will discuss pricing. Please be prepared to pay a deposit if you decide to book a tattoo session date. 

Deposits and Design work:
A deposit will be required to book a tattoo session with me on the date of the consultation. It is usually $100-$500.  The amount is based on the scale of the project and your tenure with me as a client. The deposit will roll off of the final session of the tattoo or the end price if it's a single session piece. The deposit is a retainer fee for my services and a promise of service on the date agreed on. It does NOT include the design or PAY for the design work in any way. 

Final Design work will usually happen on the day of your first appointment. I will have preliminary sketches or ideas for you to view. Once these have been approved I will finalize the design for you and then tattoo you. I want to have clear communication with my clients in person if any changes need to be made. 

If pre-viewing the design is requested, this can be accommodated with a secondary consultation. You will be required to view the design in person. I do not send designs in advance in order to protect my body of work. 

Your deposit can be forfeited in one of three ways NO CALL-NO SHOW (subject to client dismissal), RESCHEDULING WITHOUT 72 HOURS NOTICE, or COMPLETE DESIGN CHANGE. 

What to expect your first tattoo session:
PREPARATION: Please bring a VALID PHOTO ID to your appointment. I cannot tattoo you without it. I advise you to eat a small light meal ahead of your appointment. You are welcome to bring drinks or snacks, and we do have those available to our clients if you need them. Please wear comfortable clothing to your session with the ability for me to easily expose the area I need to tattoo. For certain tattoo areas, I have covered so you do not feel exposed during our session. Your comfort is paramount. DO NOT USE NUMBING CREME or GEL before a session without my approval. If I do not OKAY this, and it is used I will reschedule your session and require another deposit. Trust me, I will know. Please feel free to shave the area we are tattooing, I offer this service, but sometimes it's preferable to shave with your own razor ahead of time to minimize irritation. Always shave extra! Do not apply any lotions to the tattoo area ahead of time. 

On the day of your first session, I'll greet you and have you fill out preliminary paperwork. I will then show you the design sketches/ideas and receive input on any changes requested. While you wait for me to finalize your design I have multiple forms of entertainment available for you to check out. Pop on your favorite show and have a snack, or light up the NES and have a game or two. I want you to have fun with the experience, and I really try to keep everything laid back and keep you enjoying the day. I compare it mostly to a personal spa day. 

I will then set up and place your design, making any changes to the design shape with markers or by making additions to the original. I usually only map out the tattoo in the first session which can include linework, black shading, etc for large pieces. 

I usually take 1-2 breaks and will happily offer you a snack or beverage of choice. This is a great time to smoke, take a bathroom break, stretch, or walk around a bit. These are usually 15-30 minutes and also allow me to stretch, have a snack, and refocus my eyes and mind to complete your session. I do not take a lot of small breaks during the tattoo, this is for your comfort and my focus. The more breaks that are taken the more the skin has time to rest and swell, and in turn can cause more pain on your end. 

On completion of the session I'll clean and prep your tattoo for the final bandage you'll go home with. I'll walk through aftercare as well as give you an aftercare sheet to go home with and my contact info if you have any questions or concerns.

How much do you charge?
Our shop minimum is $100. This covers the setup and supplies as well as wear and tear on our equipment. I do offer multiple tattoo price breaks for smaller or tiny tattoos. 

With the process of tattooing large-scale pieces (sleeves, backpieces, multi-session tattoos), it's hard for me to offer you approximate times or final estimates for your tattoo. The process is very organic with multiple factors that can come into play such as skin type, detail, style, as well as many other potential factors. I like to put more focus and attention on the end result rather than the time it takes to achieve that result. I am usually able to give you a rough estimate during your consultation upon request, but my focus will be on the integrity of the final tattoo and artwork involved. 

I price both by the piece if a single session, or by the session if multi-session. My session minimum is $400. This is usually around 2.5 hours of tattooing. I also offer half-day rates at $600 (approximately 4 hours) I do not currently offer full-day rates unless you are coming in from outside of the local area. Please contact me for more info on this. 

Why is your booking different from other artists?
I have at this time been tattooing for 14 years. I only book THREE months out at this time. I tattoo 4-5 days a week. The other days are also utilized working, just not tattooing. I enjoy traveling to tattoo at other locations and conventions and this schedule allows for it better as well as planning family events.  I book one to two tattoos a day due to the toll it takes on my body. I have implemented this schedule so I can enjoy tattooing for as long as possible. I book based on projects and schedules. I treat tattooing as a career and give it the respect it deserves. This is not a hobby for m
e. Please be respectful of my time and value my service and I'll be more than happy to do the same for you. 


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